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On Xenophobia and Walls

Carlisle, England


I was invited to create an exhibition at the Mill Gallery in Carlisle, England, the northernmost city adjacent to Scotland.

Historically, there has been animosity between the Scottish and the British. I decided to use Hadrian's Wall – created by the Romans in 180 B.C. to keep the Scottish out – and compare it with the Tijuana Wall in California.

In Carlisle, I created a very large computer print depicting the reasons for – and the futility of walls. We replicated 8 feet of Hadrian's Wall with original bricks from the wall in the gallery space and interviewed local artists on the issue of Xenophobia to include in the video I began in California and shown in a separate room in the gallery. We connected on the Internet with people all over the world on the issue of Xenophobia and displayed all responses received on the gallery walls.

The exhibition hit the issues of Carlisle on its head and the politicians who attended the opening were actively engaged. I also worked with groups of school children addressing the issue of Xenophobia.

artwork ©Bruria Finkel all rights reserved