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Across Time, Space and the Ages

Across Time, Space and the Ages

Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf


In 1991 I was invited to go to Düsseldorf, Germany and create an exhibition at the Museum in 1992-3. I decided to create a temporary installation that would attempt to deal with a healing process from the holocaust. I engaged in letter writing with some of the local German artists, (our exchange is recorded the show catalog) and when my assistant and I arrived, we drove to Dachau to bring earth from the concentration camp to include in the installation.

I prepared two very large canvases (10 x 20 ft.) in my studio in Santa Monica. My intent was to expand the walls of the room (20 x 40 ft.), to create an openness and sense of breath. Lufthansa Airlines generously delivered them to the Düsseldorf free of charge.

This video describes the interchange and the 6 hour mediation that took place at the Museum.

artwork ©Bruria Finkel all rights reserved