Artist & Curator

Having the opportunity to survey over 60 years of artworks I’ve created is a privilege. What I observe is the fluid motion of ideas from different periods of time responding to issues of the day… continued >


One day when my son Adam was 14 years old, he asked me what I would like for Mother’s Day. At that moment my hands were in porcelain sludge. I said let me make an imprint of your body. He said OK… continued >

Divine Chariot
& the Aleph Series

A special project that has been in development 25 years and inspired by Avraham Abulafia: Kabbalist, rabbi, poet and mystic who lived in 13th century Spain… continued >


This series of paintings represents a state of mind in which I allow myself to be guided by my intuition – simple colors, simple shapes and simple relationships between the visual elements… continued >


In the early 1990s I began to use Polaroids as references for my large acrylic paintings. I almost discarded them, but instead began experimenting with materials that would stick to… continued >


I started using video to record my work and particularly my exhibitions – to keep a record of the process involved and to document the final installation. In late 1980s I traveled to the Stadtmuseum in… continued >


I like creating installations, they challenge me to concentrate and focus on an environment that one can physically experience differently than two-dimensional art. My preferred media is sand… continued >

Exhibition Catalogs

Regarding exhibitions – I have made two promises to myself: 1.) I always participate in exhibitions I am curating, and 2.) I always create a catalog and a video to commemorate the event… continued >


Books have always been my love and treasure. I’m so excited to open a first page anticipating the story and adventure ahead. Each of my books are handmade and professionally bound, their pages… continued >